Is the Griege Work Still Available?

  1. Does anyone know if any store still has this bag in stock?
  2. Yes, MA in Norway has one! I was checking it out the other day, it's gorgeous, but I was looking for darker colours..
    They're really nice and helpful!!

    Let me know if you want their number:smile:
  3. About a week ago the NM in San Francisco had a greige work or weekender.
  4. Wow! I bet Greige in work will look very nice!!

    I am thinking of buying a work or day bag when I go to Hongkong.
  5. There is/was one on eBay for just over $1,000 (less than retail) from an awesome seller. I'm not sure if it's still up. There were no bids the last time I checked a day or two ago.

    ETA: I believe it was brand new with tags