Is the green logo print still available?

  1. In the catalogue I have seen a bag with the green logo print. I think it was something from the romanique line. At elux, there is nothing in green. Also what is the name of the Dior bag which seems to be inspired by LV's papillon? Please share your detailed knowledge!!
  2. Dior Bag inspired by Lv's papillon? Hmmmm, ur sure its not fake? can u post a pic ?

    as for the logo, i remember seeing a GREEN Logo ( classic dior logo) but in romantique line? im not sure ...
  3. I cant post a pic, but if you can get your hands on a catalogue its on page 34. And the description didnt say "jaquard" as it normally does, it says "logo canvas".
  4. [​IMG]
  5. thanks susukim! that's the one. i would like it in green though. but i dont know whether to get the papillon or this one. some advice please?
  6. I just saw the green one at Dior yesterday. It's pretty cute.
  7. mmac, how much was it?
  8. yuck to the dior papillon! what were they thinking? (besides $$$$$/ka-ching!)