Is the Grace (Quilted Leather) pretty vintage?

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  1. Hey all!

    I'm getting the Grace in Oxblood for Christmas as a Christmas present from my father. I saw it in store and simply fell in love with the style and deep color. Anyone have this bag? I can't find much reviews or videos on it specifically compared to the other Grace bags. Do you guys think it fits a very vintage look?
    I like structured, classic bags that carry lots. How's the space and structure so far?
    Is it tough? This will be my everyday go-to bag when I'm not carrying my YSL (SDJ) or Givenchy (Antigona Med).

    Thanks! :amuse:
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  2. Great Christmas present! I do not own a Grace but it does give a vintage vibe to me. I can’t comment on what it holds but it’s a pretty bag.
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  3. Thank you! It was a surprise, my Dad just told me to pick a bag for Christmas, any bag haha. I’ve had the Grace on my mind for a while since I saw the black one though I just fell in love with the Oxblood color even more.
    Thank you! Good to know it will go with my style! :smile:
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  4. I like Dads like that! :tup: Congrats!
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  5. Your new bag is stunning! I have the Drifter carryall version the Grace is based off of. These are such gorgeous bags, and so classy looking. There is lots of room inside for all the basics plus more. I think you will love it! The one drawback for me is the weight. I have become spoiled by lighter, smaller bags lately. I use it when I know I won't be doing much walking. Here is a thread on the Drifter in case this is helpful. There are pictures of what fits inside of the different sizes.
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  6. Thank you! @Suzanne B. :smile: Haha, well it was all big surprise, he can be like that, though he surprised me even more today! I'll post an update tomorrow!

    @tealocean I totally like the Drifter though I wanted a bit more of a vintage look, thank you for the feedback! I did suspect that the two bags have a similar build so they would have similar capacity and style! On the other hand, I have the SDJ and Antigona so I am used to heavier bags - I think the Grace is actually light haha. Thanks for showing me the pic, I see what you mean!
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  7. If the weight isn't an issue, you are probably going to love your new Grace bag! I'd love to see pictures when you get it!
  8. Here is my Rose Pink Grace, with quilting & rivets bag, I had it customized by adding the heart to it, exactly like adding the tea roses, but I chose a heart that Coach Retail just got in Love the way it turned out
    03099C7F-05C0-404C-A03A-2CBC537DD152.jpeg AA680EC8-7C07-419A-BA9F-AEB822092766.jpeg
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  9. I love it. Do you mind sharing how much customization cost?
  10. Hi no problem, it was $20.00 Canadian, I am located in Canada :smile: I believe it is $20 per tea rose or heart in this size, I'm not sure if its less for the smaller hearts? Hope that helps.
  11. Thanks!
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  12. Beautiful! The heart is a sweet touch. Is this dusty rose? Love the color!
  13. I almost got the plain black Grace in smooth leather and decided against it, because the leather just felt too soft. I thought it'd scratch easily. Plus, the opening seemed fussy to me. With the magnets and the zipper coming off..I don't know. That said, it's an amazingly beautiful bag, especially in the quilted leather!!