is the gold reissue very blingy? i have an opportunity

  1. to acquire a gold reissue 2.26. but i need to decide within the next hour~ help~~~~
  2. anybody?
    btw, the price is 1995
  3. I think it depends on what you view as blingy? - the gold is definitely a shiny kind of gold...
  4. can it be worn w/ jeans? or is it really just a dressy evening bag becuase of the color?
  5. i would say its pretty dressy as compared to dark silver :yes: but then again i would not totally go against the idea of wearing it with jeans.. it depends on how comfortable you are with a mix of casual and bling.
  6. I think it may differ due to personal taste and what you normally wear...

    Personally I'd wear it with jeans! I just think when you go for the pop of colour or pop of metallic just means the bag'll be your focal point and the rest of your outfit sort of acts as a backdrop. At least that's the way I'd wear it... so I'd wear more classic or simple outfits. ie. a white T with jeans and the gold reissue. But then again - I'm one of those people who don't consider the flap bags strictly dressy.
  7. so it's dressier than the dark silver? should i get this, or hold out for the dark silver? it seems to be too good an opportunity to pass up, considering it's hard to find now, and at the old price
  8. yep, i'm the same, i wear my flaps w/ jeans and basic t-shirts and such, but given this is gold, i'm alittle hesitant, esp. cuz i haven't seen it in person... hate to pass it up since it's hard to comeby, i think any reissue is hard to come by now.
  9. I think both gold & silver metallics look great with jeans. Get the one that would go with most of your jewelry. I think the dark silver is great because it has some gold in it too.
  10. I prefer the dark silver over the gold but if you could.. get both! :yes: You will bever go wrong with a reissue ;)

    Could u get the gold first and play around with it before deciding? Nothing beats trying it on IRL :yes:
  11. not really, it's way too much trouble to send it back since i'm in canada. i'm only going to get one, either the dark silver or the gold, i've been wanting an reissue 226 to round up my collection. so i htink this might be the last bag. at least, i hope so.
  12. then it will be silver, most of my jewellery are in white gold or silver.

  13. oh i see.. hehe its hard to point to a last bag :p

    Im sure u will have no regrets choosing the dark silver! :tup: I love that color! its uniquely beautiful! :love:
  14. it's dressier than the silver...but if you love it, go ahead :smile:
  15. it depends on your taste actually. For me, for my opinion, i would wanted to wear my gold reissue for any colors even if i'm wearing jeans or not. :biggrin: I just love the color sooo much!