Is the glazing on your Birkin matte?

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  1. #1 Nov 8, 2018
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    I am comparing a store bought 2018 red birkin with a pre-loved 2008 Gold Birkin. The store bought 2018 B35 has matte dark brown edges whereas the pre-loved 2008 gold B35 has glossy dark brown edges. I’m trying to determine whether the bag was spa’d or altered and if so, if Hermes reglazes edges in matte or glossy glaze.

    Thank you!
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    These bags drive me crazy, I could not resist a group shot! Notice the matte and glossy edges. The gold B35 does have ten years of wear but the edges look redone.

    3A3B1787-9B01-4D4F-A069-D6A53038D59E.jpeg FC0ACD44-3423-4A5C-919F-E0686C28B754.jpeg
  3. 2F9DE6AF-AA64-45D1-9A4C-EB4B6A92C5DF.jpeg This is my 2007 B resin, it’s hard to get a decent photo for you at the moment as still dark, but it is pretty shiny. I don’t think it’s ever been redone so I’m pretty sure it’s just long term wear. Hope that helps!
  4. It is helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share yours, Tonimichelle!
  5. 3C293791-D18C-45F8-9B98-C9DE2A2984C8.jpeg This is an Etoupe from 2017. Not as glossy as your Goldie.
  6. You’re welcome!
  7. I assume you've had the pre loved bag professionally authenticated?