Is the glazed expresso too much like the wine color??

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  1. I want a brown Nikki, but am worried the expresso is too much of a burgundy color..I already have the wine..Just wondering if anyone has both and thinks they are too much alike? In some pictures it looks more brown and in some more burgundy..It is hard to tell..
  2. This is kind of a tough question I think. First off I don't think the Wine & G.E. colors are that similar and the leathers are very different. I only own a glazed espresso bag but have seen the wine color before. But if you are looking for a true brown bag I must confess that I don't really use my GE MAM as a brown bag. I use it when I want a little pop in my outfit because it does have the *slight* burgundy hue. Having said that I am looking at it now and some might think of it as a brown bag.

    That might be a bit confusing so here's what I'm trying to say.. When it stands alone it looks brown but if you put the G.E bag next to another brown bag (or shoes etc..) it looks different and doesn't completely match although it can sometimes compliment. I love this bag to death but if you are looking for a true brown bag it might not be the best. But if you have several brown bags in your collection and just want an addition than this might be fine. Have you thought about the Mocha color? That is a lovely dark brown color!
    This is just my opinion but hope it helps!
  3. Thanks for your description and opinion...I :heart: the Nikki and with the old hardware so I just have to keep checking on ebay....I started getting into RM after most of the bags with old hardware were going out and the new coming in..Maybe with the new colors coming out more people will be selling their old ones???
  4. I agree. The colors are very similar especially under certain lighting. However, the leathers are very different. The espresso is a little more structured but it breaks in very nicely.
  5. yes i agree with little rock! I think maybe you could look into one of the newer colors coming out in summer/fall!

    If you really want the GE, maybe you could get it in like the matinee or MA?!

  6. They are very different IMO but equally beautiful. These pictures might help you make your decision:yes:

  7. Here are some comparison pics of the Matinee

  8. aww i wish the pictures will show up! i have the wine nikki but thinking about the glazed expresso nikki..they look similar from far away but not sure!