Is the Giant Hobo out in Sandstone Yet?

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  1. And I dont mean the Day (Hobo) I mean the new Giant Hobo style that came out this year.

    It would look amazing in Sandstone, does anyone know if its out? BalNY has not got back to me yet.
  2. It's Out. I Know That Luisaviaroma Has Got It
  3. Does anyone have one? Would love to see pics:drool:
  4. I think that BalNY has them in stock. I remember that they had quite a few colors in stock(except for natural).
  5. I'm confused- can somepne please explain the difference between Day and Hobo? Thanks!
  6. This is the Giant Hobo. Just came out this year and only comes in GH

  7. Last week BalNY had 2 left and I bought one. I also saw them at Barney'sBH but that was 3 weeks ago. I love the sandstone with the GH. It's beautiful. Will post pics later.
  8. And this is the also comes with GH. I hope no one minds that I used their pics!

  9. Thank you Special K. Hmmm, I think this is the style that I need! I take it this style is hard to find?
  10. No...pretty easy to find. I just havnt seen it sandstone which is the colour I want! :crybaby:
  11. Special K- I was just on the phone with Kim from BalNY- she said she has the Giant Hobo in Sandstone!!!
  12. Oh!!! Judie, did you ask them what other colors they had?? That would save me bugging them for the same thing....

    Thank you! Thank you!!! :nuts:
  13. Yup, I was at balNY and they have it in sandstone
  14. Bags- I spoke with Kim. Although I stopped listening after she said she had it in anthracite :nuts:

    I asked her to send me pictures and she said she would when she could.

    So for sure they have sandstone and anthracite.

    Which one are you thinking of getting????
  15. LOL... thanks. Just ignore my PM... I am a woman obssessed!

    That's the thing... is I don't really know!! I just recently feel in love with the style after seeing it this week, and I liked it in the bright colors, but didn't have one in mind for it...

    I liked Vermillion, but I don't think I could get that one to work for me? :confused1: Anthracite sounds like it would look awesome with the GH... I sent AR an email and I might give BalNY a call tomorrow as well...

    I'm wanting to get a brown bag in RH, and already have Sandstone... so that pretty much nixes those for the GH Hobo... Tough decisions. :p