Is the gauffre too trendy, other option is Bal? Please help!

  1. What do you think is the Prada gauffre line to trendy in comparison to the Bal motoline.
    I have a prada gauffre in lightbrown put aside for me. I was looking for a nice springbag this one is light brown/corn (actually looks like my hair and I am blond).
    It's really pretty but I am wondering if it's "too much" will look quickly outdated etc...
    My other option would be another Bal part-time in RH or SGH in sahara or sienna.

    This was maybe discussed before but since "search" is off and I need to make up my mind quickly I hope you can help me out.

    Please help my deadline is tonight european time.
  2. Here's my 2 cents Cat - I get tons of compliments on the gaufre messenger I have...I don't think the style is going anywhere soon. It definitely turns heads. Now, I LOVE B-bags also, and the sahara is a nice color but it won't stand out like a gaufre will even w/ SGH. I wouldn't buy multiple gaufres like I would w/ b-bags though, one is enough. Keep in mind the b-bag is probably a lot lighter to carry than the gaufre if that matters to you. You can't go wrong w/ whatever you decide. I also tend not to give a rat's a** if it's in or out, b/c if I like it that's all that matters.
  3. Thnks shu no this is exactly what I am struggling with. I dress rather "sober" , lot of black,brown, gray in winter. Beige, white, light gray ... in summer very few bright colors etc...
    It took me a while to like the GH but now I like the SGH still not a fan of the GGH.
    I have bought a lot of bags that I later on sold because they just weren't me and lost quite a bid of money.

    Now weight is not an issue I still love my paddy even if I havn't carried it for ages.
    But even if I would like to be unmoved by fashion the trend thing does bother me.

    Here are a couple modelling shots so you can get an idea how I dress.
    Thanks for being my fashioadvisers.:tup:

    P1010146.jpg P1000645.jpg DSCN4854.jpg DSCN4880.jpg P1010121.jpg
  4. Dear God you're stunning!! I think the gaufre would go w/ your's just a matter of what you will be more comfortable with, you know?
  5. Geesh catcat you would look great with a Gauffre!!! I think it's a little classier than a Bal.
  6. I agree! You're a lovely woman. You will only enhance the beauty of any bag you wish to carry. Having said that, I definitely think you should get the Prada and enjoy it.
  7. There's too many Bbags-even replicas, prada would you lovely on you! (It'll get people's attention and make them want it!
  8. i prefer the bal, but since you already seem to have a nice collection of different bals, maybe you should get the prada?
  9. I own both and I love them equally. Prada Gauffre is not trendy at all. Actually, it is not an "IT" bag but a Prada classic to me. I'd say, Go For It!
  10. You are so pretty! Well, I'm a bbag girl with a recent love for the new Pradas. So of course I'm probably biased towards the Bal bags. I have a feeling the new giant hardware on the Bals might look trendy and out of date eventually. I tend to think the regular hardware Bals may age better as far as trends go. But if you want a different brand, a different look, the Prada may be for you. I have noticed that now that I'm expanding my taste in brands, that I like to change it up every now and again, kind of like jewelry, if you know what I mean. I am different moods for different bags on different days. I was getting bored with my 8 Bal bags in the same style (different color). Good luck and let us know which you choose!
  11. I don't think so! I think the gauffre is here to stay. It's so classic and beautiful! I can't wait to get one myself!
  12. Nice pics! I'd say I have a bit of a "sober" style, too... but I find my gauffres work so nicely with my wardrobe -- lots of suits for work and jeans and blazers/jackets on the weekend. However, i think that the gauffre line would work with just about any style and that to me is a mark of a classic piece. But the bottom line for me is always that I have to love the bag to buy it.
  13. I'll agree -- you're gorgeous :smile: Now to the bags -- I'd be willing to bet the texture of the gaufre is what's putting you off -- you're carrying bags that are flat leather for the most part, and the ruching on a gaufre is like an eye-catcher.
    I have to say, I went back and forth about the gaufres for the longest time. Had sidelined my walnut satchel for a few months, then carried it today and thought "what a lovely bag !!" I think any danger of it being too trendy went out when they brought it back in a slightly different shape this spring.
    So -- the question is -- are you ok with the texture? Cuz I think that's what's hanging you up. And that's a personal choice !

  14. Thanks for all you great comments, jensker you helped me see what "bothered" me knowing it I went back to have another look and just coudn't walk out of the shop without it :love:!
    I think the leather did it to me it's divine and the color is gorgy for sping and summer.
    Ahhhh I will post pics as soon as I can today, thanks!