Is the full size TMA about the same as the full size LM?

Jun 16, 2006
I'm stuck between getting a TMA midi or the full size. I would be using it as a diaper bag/everyday bag. I don't carry a ton but like enough room to put a water, sippy and a magazine in with all my other stuff. Is the TMA huge?


May 19, 2009
Along the Thames
Aloha, I have a TMA Midi and you can definitely fit what you need to carry in here. I have the removable divider and secret compartment pocket. I carry my long zipper wallet, angel purse, sunglasses, kiss me, small diary on a daily basis and you could definitely fit a magazine in there. I don't have a full size TMA but am getting a full size Love Me soon.


Mrs Mulder
May 18, 2007
London, England
It's not huge. A TMA feels smaller on that a Love Me because it you can cinch it more easily. I prefer the larger size and to have the extra space rather than filling a midi. Oh and I would also say the TMA is lighter than a Love Me.