is the fruit coin purse worth 40-50 dollars?

  1. got one at the outlet yesterday, debating on whether to keep it.. help!:cry:

    or should i exchange it for the apple?
  2. ooo, keep it! I heard they never really go to the outlet! =D Lucky you, I still want one, gotta track one down in my area lol.
  3. did you like the lemon or the apple better?
  4. ^ apple! I vote apple!
  5. If you love the coin purse, it's worth whatever you paid for it. If you don't love it, you should return it or sell it. :cool:
  6. Keep it! I use mine all the time. I think the apple is cute, but it has suede on the bottom and Coach suede piping never holds up for me. I got the apple one first and returned it.
  7. I went to the Leesburg outlets today & they had about 4 of the apples I think they were $49.99 w/ an additional 20 % off..I have to admit I was alittle upset b/c I bought it at full retail for $98.00 back in March & still haven't used it, tags are still attached.
  8. dear if u can post pics..:oh: cause i really dont know which one you got.. i love the apple (i dont own one :sad: ) and i like the lemon one too.. so is yours the kind of dark pink one? << she lost her memory!!:cry:
    but if i were you anyways.. i'd stay out of anything with suede at bottom.. so no apple for me! :blink:
  9. I honeslty love the colors of both...I"m of no help!

    calling tomorrow!! Doubt they have any left, but, I want it! lol :yes:
  10. oh ddarn i didnt see your suede comments till they were too late!! i traded for the apple. i loved the lemon on line,m but i eneded up trading and getting 11 dollars back on the apple taht was in fantastic condition vs. the lemon. thanks all!.
  11. I went on Friday and saw them too! I didn't pick any up cause I'd rather have a wristlet at that price but you can try to return it at the store you got it for full retail.
  12. i decided that the only wristlet i would buy is that glove tanned one, and when i came back the next day i saw they were all reallly damaged and thought 34 wasnt worth it, and i still have yet to put my black and white coach hamptons wristlet to action, so no wristlets for me till i do lol.
  13. Yes yes yes YES!!! :biggrin: I adore my apple coin purse... I was warned about the suede in advance, so I'm treating it extra gentle. I get a lot of compliments on it, so it's worth the hassle of treating it well. I keep my driver's license and my debit cards in it. Whenever I have to run anywhere that doesn't require my speedy or any of my other heavy bags, I take my coin purse instead. It works great!

  14. cute pict!!
  15. Why thank you!

    I was bored, in love, and with a camera. Dangerous things happen with that combination! :biggrin: