is the flat pouch a limited edition???

  1. thinking of holding back for a bit on this purchase(parents nagging:crybaby:) does anyone know if this design is gonna be part of the permanent collection or is it just a limited edition? i wonder if i can still get it by april or may? :s
  2. if it's a must have piece on your list, i'd suggest you get it now b/c: a)it's flying off the store, b)ya never know when will the price increase hits.
  3. mono has been added to the line, rabat (something like that)....but the colors are one shot and expected to be sold out by March.
  4. I really think it's a "must-have".
  5. It's a deifinite must-have... I hope you get one! ;)
  6. wow... ya gots the total low down... why I love this place... you're the best Twink!!!