is the ex. piece supposed to slide?

  1. hey everyone. quick question, on the paddington bag are the extra pieces of leather on the handles supposed to be loose and slide back and forth...seems tacky..i would love some answers! Thank you!!:biggrin:
  2. Mine don't, but I've heard it can happen overtime
  3. like i just received the bag today ands everything is checking out the leather is beautiful, the stitching is flawless. But then the extra handles things aren't even connected to the actual handle I can move them all around. This can't be authentic, should I be addressing it back to where it came from ASAP!? freaking out..xo rebecca
  4. maybe post some pics? where did you buy it from?
  5. They do not slide around; are not supposed to slide around.

    Did you buy it from an authorized boutique?
  6. I am not picturing this? Can anyone give me more clues?
  7. CB, the extra strip of leather on the handles - the part where you hold them. I've heard of them loosening up but I dont know to the point where they slide down the handle or if they just 'turn'
  8. Post pics please so we can help....
  9. After a whole day of handling and tossing over my shoulders etc, mine does show that it has moved. I like the leather bits on both handles to line-up so that's how I know at the end of the day that one has move relative to the other (as they're no longer lined-up). I'm talking only small amount of sliding after a whole day's handling and when I physically move the leather tab back a little, it's not easy. Sorta have to do a bit of twisting and threading.
  10. On a brand new paddy they aren't supposed to move but it can happen when they get older but just a bit as Serenity described. Did you buy it retail?
  11. Yeah, I've seen them slide are round over time. Not big time like you can move it from one side to the other. Rather it can be twisted and you can pull and tug and it will move a bit.
  12. I think on my mousse big pocket they might have moved some, but since I didn't really carry it (I sold it to Murasaki) I can't say for sure. But I don't see any problem with them moving.