Is the Eva Worth The Price?

  1. I've been eyeing the Eva in Damier Ebene, do you guys think it's still worth the price? It's over $700. I could get a whole bag with that :smile:
  2. It all depends on what kind of bag you are looking for if you ask me. If you want a clutch, or a casual-evening bag to wear to dinners, parties, etc.. then I would opt for the Eva. If you find yourself wanting a tote, or a handbag... this probably isn't the best choice.

    It all comes down to your lifestyle.
  3. I love my de Eva. It is so worth the money and versatile.
  4. Hello There!
    I think it depends on the fact how much you will use it.
    I have the eva in mono and for me it is worth the price. It is my pefect "going out" bag. When I go clubbing, I use the long strap, so I am hands free. The bag is so light, that you hardly feel it is there, which I like when dancing,
    When you have a more formal occasion you can use the short strap or use it as a clutch which looks very dressy.

    If you have occasions where you don´t need to take a lot of stuff with you, or if you like small bags in general, I think the eva is a great bag :smile:

    About the price: I don´t know if it really is worth that much. But if you love it, then get it :biggrin:

    Kind regards!
  5. Thank you! I guess it all comes down to how much you really love it :smile:


  6. If tax puts you over $700 where you are, I'd get one pre-loved, personally. There are always a few legit sellers with this bag floating around. Especially in ebene, they stay nice-looking for a very long time. Good luck deciding! :smile:
  7. ITA! I bought mine pre-loved for $500 a year ago and it was only used once.
  8. I purchased it when it was 550 and returned it. The strap was too long and i just didn't think it was worth it, just my honest opinion though. I know there are a lot of tpfers who adore this bag. I just needed something slightly bigger for a crossbody and already had a Recoleta, so it didn't fit my needs. I have since purchased an ebene speedy and nf and love both.
  9. Wow! It's over $700 now?! I bought mine for $500 something. I wear it all the time...nights out, traveling. It's very versatile as it can be worn three ways. I would probably buy it at its current price because I get tons of use out of it. Plus we all know LV prices only go up, so if its a piece you really want.... than yes its worth it.
  10. Thats so sad... I hate it when the prices exceeds what you are willing to pay for a bag.

    The eva is beautiful and very functional! It is always a bag I bring with me when I travel as I can use it as an evening bag, or sometimes if I like my hands free, I would opt for the bag too. You can also clip the bag to the inside of a bigger bag (like the never full) and use it as a container for small items.

    You can always purchase an adjustable strap, some people loop the long strap through underneath the zipper to the one end of the bag in order to shorten it.

    I am shocked that the bag is that much now. I still love mine very much! I got it a year ago!
  11. I paid close to $700 for my ebene Eva and do not regret it at all (which is odd for me b/c I usually suffer from buyers remorse on impulse buys).
    I believe it is worth every penny. I'm a stay at home Mom and use it as a crossbody when I need both hands free with the kids. I'll use it as a purse when going out with the girls and as a clutch for weddings. For me, it is like 3 bags in one. Ebene ensures it will be in pristine condition longer and it looks small but holds so much!

    I love love love my Eva !!!!!!
  12. Wow, I'm also surprised it's gone up that much. I paid $550 last year for mine & I love it a lot. I don't have many formal occassions to dress up for, but it's my just in case bag for that, as well as being a nice small bag when I don't need to carry a lot.
  13. My boyfriend jus brought the Eva in ebene for me as a graduation present, I'm not sure if I should keep it either. I like it with the gold chain however i feel it's kinda werid looking with the long strap. I'm not sure if it's worth the 700 dollars either.
  14. Yes! I love mine. It was $595 when i bought mine new over a year ago though. I get plenty of use out of it. So if it will fit the bill as far as what you are looking for in a versatile clutch, i say go for it!
  15. For me, I originally wanted the Eva but when I tried it on, I didn't like how it looked on me. I'm 4'11 and even with the adjustable strap, it just didn't look right. It was the shape of the bag or something. I still love how it looks and the idea of it, it's just sad that it didn't fit me well. But instead, I purchased the Milla MM and I use my adjustable crossbody strap with that. So I managed to turn that bag into a wristlet, evening bag and crossbody bag. It's only about 450 right now I think. So it's a cheaper option if you're looking for something as versatile as that. I know it's smaller and thinner though but I really wasn't looking for my crossbody to hold as much, so like the others said, it all depends on what you want.