is the epi white waitlisted in your country?

  1. okay, i am definitely going crazy. I want the bowling gm in ivory and it's not available here in the philippines. The SA said it was to be waitlisted and they don't know when they will get a new batch of stock. Why o why!:crybaby:I have called Hong Kong and Singapore and have received the same reply. Is it true in all countries like the U.S., paris etc.? or just here in asia

    Please enlighten me. thanks!
  2. ^ Really? That makes me want to get an Ivoire item now.

    (I am going back to Taiwan...)
  3. yah, they only get a few in of the GM but the pm was available when i went...the speedy is waitlisted too... im so jealous jen, i wanna get the GM in ivoire too but DH says:mad:
  4. I think most of the items are in stock here at the moment.
  5. hi rica, truly understand your DH problems.:yes: Nevermind him, soon he will change his mind just use your charms. I hate buying here in LV store philippines because of the huge price difference. . . i am hoping it would come up in Hong Kong or Singapore. hoping hoping hoping. Maybe we can meet since your also in the philippines. PM me :yes:
  6. where are you Liberte? I am currently teleporting myself to where you are so I can buy my ivory bowling gm. arrrrghhhhh!:cursing:
  7. Hehe, we also have gotten more LoVe bandeaus and the azur has been in store all along. It's in Oslo. But I believe all the scandinavian stores would be the same.
  8. try PMing makeupmama, shes a filipina living in HK. maybe she can ask her SA to track one down for you....
  9. In Italy still there is NO azur!!! we are all waitlisted! i'm waiting for the call..the SA told me i'm the next..(i hope she's right!)

    i think ivory is waitlisted too..i asked for the pochette montaigne and they miss it!
  10. We have the bowlings here in Sydney!
  11. i went to LV store last week.It's annoying that a lot of items are not available in our country.Or sometimes they just have one piece per style.
  12. do you think this is intentional on the part of LV to create hype on the bags? Like the azur 30 which are being sold for way more than retail in eBay and resellers. :sad:
  13. They are coming into the US SLOWLY. I got my epi alma ivory form elux and am expecting today-
    they are still waiting on the speedys and limited in all else.
  14. yeah everything is quite slow to reach the stores. i got the bowling gm about 20 days ago and it was the last one in the store and goodness, they only got it about 2 days before that. i was there this week and they do have the ivory speedy in stock and a few other models too. but the montaigne items went like hotcakes! if you are interested in the speedy and other ivory models, i shop from the rodeo drive store and have your SA contact them if you're interested. good luck. it sucks to read how hard it is to get these bags! :sad: the manager told me they haven't gotten news one since aside from the montaigne sac in red/black.
  15. cute dog nakolulu, i must say it is your bowling gm pics that made me fall in love with that bag. It is soooo frustrating to be wanting a bag so much and not knowing how to get it!