Is the epi pochette worth it?

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  1. I wanted to get the red epi pochette but now I'm worried about the durability. I went to the store and looked at a mandarin pochette and the strap had split where the handle loops around to go through the hole. I told my aunt that and she took a lot at hers and her stap had split in the same place too and she has only had hers for less than 2 months!:wtf: Also when I looked at the red pochette at the store, the glazing on the sides was thin up top so that you could see the leather underneath with glazing rubbed off.

    And now I read a thread on here about the handle splitting in 2!:wtf:

  2. I love my mandarin pochette. It is perfect for dining out, receptions, and other affairs where a bag would be too cumbersome. When I am going to an event where I do not know where I will have to place my bag, I carry my pochette. That way, I can always hold it in my lap.
  3. I think epi pochette is among the more durable pochettes actually, mostly because it's all made from super strong epi leather ! The straps splitting may happen for a mono pochette as well, it's just one of the things that may invaribly happen to pochettes.

    Plus you can always get a used one for around 200$ on eBay ! :yes:
  4. I guess it's common problem for pochette strap not only epi. I think Let-trade has black below $200
  5. Its supose to have a split there so that it can go in a loop and come back to the other side where it clips on
  6. I have the mandarin pochette & it's great for evenings, or when you don't want to lug around a big bag.

    Mine is in perfect condition... had it for over a year.
  7. the strap for my epi pochette split only months after buying it. i only use it occasionally as a clutch but it is pretty hard to fit more than a few items in it, which is why i don't use it as a make up bag either (unlike the mono pochette which i used as a make up bag to death - haha) but i don't regret buying it because it is still a very beautiful piece. my only regret is that i bought mine before they decided to put a loop on both sides of the bag. both my pochettes are the old school ones where you have to attach the strap to the zipper if you want to carry it on your shoulder.
  8. :cursing:
  9. I didn't had any problems with my strap. it's 2 years old, but I've mostly used it as a bag inside a bag if at all... anyway, it is very durable
  10. You could buy one second hand. I was initially interested in the red pochette, but when I saw it IRL, I wasn't that impressed with it. That said, if Let Trade had one for half the price of retail, I would be all over it!
  11. My first pochette is the "old school" one, just mono canvas though, and my strap spilt many times, LV kept replacing it then I just got to the point where I said forget it and started gluing it myself...... I NEVER had the same problem with another pochette and I have 6 now. Two are epi and one of them I've had for 5 years, the other for one. The 5 year old one is still the newer style though (don't have to attach strap to zipper). I know this was a problem with the older ones but haven't noticed it with newer....If this were to happen to me again within the first month or so of use I would bring it back to LV, they were very good about this with my first one......
  12. i've read and heard it's common for the strap to split, but only if you use it all the time (literally). my pouchettes are my 'fun' bags in 'fun' colors and i use them only for going out or times when my larger bags aren't appropriate (for sake of getting them ruined or lugging them around). i haven't had it happen yet, but mine are rarely carried. i've noticed individuals i know who only have an lv pouchette and carry them all the time that their straps have split, but i have a sneaking suspicion they don't take care of their bags. i also wonder if they're fake...

  13. i wasn't at all crazy about the bag because it was 'so common'. but i ended up buying a couple on ebay that were rarely used (which is still true now) and i paid 1/3 off retail and have some fun colors i normally wouldn't purchase. in the end, i'm pleased with each because you would NEVER know they were second hand... er vintage.