Is the Epi Petit Noe and Noe being discontinued?

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  1. The selection of colors seem very low on the website.
  2. I have the same question.. They don't have any stock in my local store.. What happened with epi noe/petit ?
  3. Épi Noé is currently discontinued. Épi Petit Noé is currently available.

    The regular size Épi Noé will eventually return though. It's been temporarily discontinued before. I don't think this is permanent.
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  4. I certainly hope it doesn't get discontinued. It is such an iconic bag!

    Then again, they did discontinue the epi speedy...I hope it comes back.
  5. I was told in September that Epi Petit is discontinued too. I was debating getting one. There was only 4 black left in the US at that time. I really hope they bring the BB back, I missed out on that one.
  6. Insanity! I am glad I already have my black epi speedy! It has been years since I have purchased a bag; epi petite Noe has moved to my #1 position.
    Thank you!
  7. You're welcome. Ask you SA how many are left in the color you want. And most of the ones I saw were made in 2012. They were fine but seems like no new production.
  8. I just received a black Petit made in 2017. Guess they're at least not discontinuing that color?
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  9. By the way, I love your avatar!!!
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