Is the Epi line easily faked?

  1. I love the look of the epi line and was wondering how easily it is faked.

    I'd be afraid to buy one on ebay for that very fact.
    Are there any telltale signs for the epi?
  2. What bags are you looking at?:graucho: DO tell!!!
  3. Well, I was looking at an epi bag and am realizing how pretty the epi line is!! Especially the mandarin.

    I never really thought much of it before, and now my interest has been peaked.

    It's too bad that color has been discontinued and the only place to find one is on I was wondering how hard it is to tell a real from a fake...
  4. There are still a few pieces in Mandarin on elux and you might want to call the 866 number and see if they can find what you are looking for. While it is discontinued, I believe it is still out there.
  5. There are still some bags in mandarin in stores. Call 866-VUITTON and have them locate one for you.:idea: It's def. safer than going eBay route.
  6. I've found the Epi is quite easily faked - I'm really bad at authenticating this line... I find that the insides are often not done correctly (ie will have strange patch pockets when they shouldn't) and the font is wrong. Also study the LV carefully in the corner - sometimes the angle of the letters looks off.
  7. thanks guys! i can't afford anything right now, but was thinking about when i am ready to...

    the epi line still scares me because there's not a lot of hardware or other really visible cues to differentiate a fake & real.
  8. I've seen some fakes on eBay, there are visibly and not so visibly ones... if it's very cheap the LV logo in the corner looks off. you can even tell from the blurry pics those fakers take. then there was one epi speedy where I could only tell it was fake from that round plastic tag thing hanging off one handle.

    example of really bad fakes:

    eBay #250020019461 notice the wrong dustbag and the crooked logo, I'm not sure about the box, but I think that style never existed either...

    #330021444639 the logo is too deep, the font dimensions look slightly off

    #280020343905 the epi "stripes" shouldn't run along the wallet diagonally but horizontally...

    now the last and most :yucky: one, also because it's placed on an ok looking multico scarf: #200020266209 the zipper is wrong, the epi pochette has a different style, besides I've never seen LV zippers which say made in france... the logo looks off. the auth strap doesn't have stitching nor that metal button. even the logo on the strap hook is off. the pouch is too broad for a real one, the auth one also doesn't have an inside pouch, and the lining is wrong. then the printing on the tab doesn't even attempt to look as if it was auth...

    sometimes the low price is a dead giveaway

    BTW I notice there are some yellow epi wallets going for a very low price, I'm wondering if that's because they're used, cause they look auth to me, but I've never seen that color in real

    edit: had to add #280020347464 now can you tell why it's fake?
  9. When I'm looking at a bag on ebay I try to find it on sites that sell fakes first, not to buy it just to see if it is faked. Some bags are really popular with fakers so I tend to avoid them, there are not many epi's that are faked so I think it is a little safer to buy on ebay. Although you still need to really check it out.
  10. I have seen some obvious epi fakes on Ebay, and I have seen some bags that, if they are fake, then they are really good fakes. Is epi faked? Yes, but probably not as much as other lines, since epi does not scream LV.
  11. I've seen fake epi at Ebay before. Epi isn't that popular line to fake but they make it.
  12. I've seen fake epi at consignment stores before I notice that the authentic used epi leather is very soft while the fakes are rather stiff.