is the epi in lilac?

  1. I just got a Speedy 25 in Lilac and the auction called it Lilas. I LOVE the color and don't think it's fake , but I don't know why they called it Lilas. I'm sure one of the pro PF'ers will know! They are the best at helping.

    My Speedy 25 in Lilac Epi
    :love: :love: :love: [​IMG]
  2. Hi, yes it was called Lilas. But that is probably the french term? It's like how they use myrtille which is the same as blueberry.
  3. Gorgeous...

    Mas is correct

  4. it's authentic. it's just the french term for lilac.:smile: but i know lilac color is discontinued already.
  5. Beautiful bag.
  6. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP! i got scared for a bit since ive been dying for this color=)
  8. The lilac color is beautiful. Did you win the auction?
  9. yeah, did you get it? :graucho:
  10. YES I DID!! thank you! im so excited to get it in the mail. i basically started to collect pochettes. so far i have mono, black, red and now lilac=)

    im now dying for blue and mandarin so let me know if you see anything thats super mint condition on ebay.

    thank you all. i love this forum!