Is the Eldridge wallet still made?

  1. Thanks
  2. They call it Zippy now. When I bought Lavendar Vernis it was called Eldridge but this was a couple of years ago.
  3. why do they have different names for things, like the papillion, and bedford?
    they are pretty much the same bag...or no?
  4. I think it's just updated that's all. They retire styles, then change a little something about them and change the name so there isn't any confusion about what it is.
  5. I like the fact that LV has different names for bags that are the same... like the Papillon and Bedford, the Lexington and Pochette, and the Keepall and Mercer.
  6. The zippy is really not the same as the Eldridge
  7. Aren't the CC slots aligned differently?
  8. The Eldridge is smaller than the Zippy, but a great wallet. I have both and I love them:yes:
  9. jlinds - you're right. I have the Eldridge but looking at Zippy's interior I like Zippy more.
  10. I like the Zippy more too. You can fit your entire life in that thing!