Is the eggshell/brown croc devote anywhere???

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  1. I can't seem to find it sold out or has it not come out yet?
  2. I think this one and the Noir from holiday collection was only available for a short period of time. Not many store carried it...and it was on as well. I record someone posted about RM took the bag off the website because slight problem with the eggshell leather. Mine has small pink lines all over the eggshell leather part. Doesn't look bad though. I actually thought first that's the color of the leather.. then noticed my MAM doesn't have that. But I took mine to a leather store and they covered the lines for me.
  3. thanks ivy
    I think Id rather buy from a store instead of the bay in case there is a problem with the eggshell part.....did you ever post pics of your bag? And what did the leather store do to cover the pink lines?
  4. I just got mine back last week..No pics posted yet. I am not sure what they did to cover it.. maybe just leather dye I would think. The lines are really tiny, so you can't really see them unless look closely. Cost me only $25.

    Before I took her to the shop, I actually contacted RM about exchanging the bag.. but it seems like all the bags had the same problem so they can't do a exchange for me. They offer me credit towards another bag. I really wanted the same one, so I didn't take their offer. I would definitly email RM and ask to see if they have any more left. I wonder what they did with all those bags, maybe sent back to the factory for quality issues?