Is the Edith timeless?

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  1. Not to be offend any owners, but I'm contemplating buying one, and I'm just wondering if it's worth the $$$ if it's going to be "out of style" in a year or two. The fact that it's on sale everywhere makes it really tempting, but at the same time, since it is on sale, it's a little worrisome that it's a "faddy" bag. I can't really afford anything that won't be a classic, so I was wondering what you guys think... is the Edith a "classic" bag? (Just seems that most Chloe bags aren't as timeless as say, LV or Chanel.)
  2. Hi...I considered same thing, I saw Edith dropped price to $770 something and I really wanted to buy it, but I decided to choose LV speedy instead. IMO LV speedy is always #1 timeless bag to choose. But if you really like the Edith and now it's a good time to buy it.
  3. yup~my own opinion is chloe arent timeless as LV, i kno is really tempting since everywhere have big sales,i just find out today that are having a 50% off on chloe bags and i am still thinking if i should get it or not.:love:

  4. Did you ever shop from Can trust??? Yeah~it's very good price:graucho:
  5. dont worry, is trustable,i always shop from them when they have a sale.
  6. It's awful, but I always say wait on Chloes because most of them go on sale. The are making more supply than demand nowadays.
  7. If you find the Edith on sale, I say go for it. It comes in some great timeless colors, like whiskey. In my opinion, it's also a timeless shape. The Paddys are kind of trendy, but the Edith is more refined, elegant and could definitely be a beautiful bag for years to come.
  8. Don't cut my head off but I never thought Balenciaga's would be around so long. I like how all these brands have a style and knows it sells well. Then each season they refine it a bit and come out with different colors. That way you'll know its going to be around for a few years at least. Seems like the Paddington, Edith and Kerla will be around awhile. I haven't really seen that with the Betty or Tekla.
  9. I think that you will be able to carry around an Edith with pride for awhile if you love it! The bag has a rather simple design (with an edge) that won't look outdated for awhile IMO. And, even though LV may be more classic, if logos aren't your thing (they aren't mine) you will probably be happier with the Edith.
  10. 500 for a edith sure is temptin but i saw one for the first time IRL and the handles aretoo fat for my childlike hands, no way could i even get a grip on it.
  11. I think a lot of Phoebe Philo's Chloe bags will be looked back upon with a great amount of nostalgia. I'll be carrying mine for a while. I don't think the Edith will date too much because it isn't overly designed.
  12. ^ITA. Phoebe Philo's designs will likely go down as the most classic Chloe bags ever...
  13. I like the look of the Edith Classic because it reminds me of a vintage style school bag. I think it would work well as a work bag, and if you got the right colour, you could probably use it casually too.

    I know Chloe bags seem a bit too trendy, but that only seemed to happen because all the starving starlets were carrying the Paddington. However, they haven't taken to the Edith much. So that would make it more special!

    Anyway, it depends on what suits your look. If you like the logos, go for LV. Or if you dress up a lot and prefer a more mature style, a classic Chanel flap handbag would be for you. While Chloe channels a laid-back, effortless cool!
  14. This thread read my mind! Yesterday I bought a green Edith, on sale for $750. I am still undecided, :confused1: as I can't decide if it's "over" or not. I have always loved the Edith, though. Guess I can return it (not supposed to open until Christmas!)
  15. Patterned after a vintage schoolbag I think the Edith will always be a classic looking bag. With Chloes on sale at AR and NM etc, now is the time to buy :yes: