Is The Edith Heavy?

  1. Because I just purchase a Whiskey Edith from NAP. I was debating between that and the paddington and the paddington is tooo heavy for a little woman like me.
  2. IMO the Edith is heavier then the Paddington...
  3. I think the weight is much more evenly distributed on the edith though. Because it is not slouchy and has a more structured feel, to me it did not seem as heavy as the Paddington :smile:
    I am sure you will love it when it comes
  4. I disagree. The paddy is much heavier (with that big 'ol giant lock on her) than Edith. Edith is heavier than my b-bag - but then again everthing is!

    Congrats on scoring and Edith though - can't wait to see photo's when she arrives!
  5. I think the Paddy is much much heavier than the Edith too. Congrats on your Edith, Minnie! I can't wait to see the pics!
  6. I think the weight is relative to your arm strength. I distinctly remember the moment I first took choco Edith out of the box upon receiving it. I was amazed at how much lighter Edith is than the Paddington. And she's such an easy bag to carry too.
  7. thank you everyone. I know the paddington isn't a comfortable bag for me. It isn't roomy enough, isn't easy to get in and out of and I pack a lot of stuff into my bags and the paddington with the lock was a killer. THANKS.
  8. I didn't think it was heavy at all. I'd say it lighter than the paddington. The only time it got heavy on me was when I wore it on my forearm. I solved that problem by carrying it hand-held. Can't wait to see pics!
  9. I say the paddy is heavier. Can't wait to see pics.
  10. Even though the paddy is heavier the Edith can be very heavy, too.
    When she's filled with books or magazins it's very uncomfy to carry her in the crook of the arm. I do love her dearly but IMo it's not an every day bag which I would take for a long day in town.