is the e/w classic flap more of an eveing bag?

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  1. ladies who own them, do you use them for the day as well? with jeans and casual wear?
  2. i don't own one...but i see no one has responded yet so i'll throw my 2 cents in. It can prob. be worn as both. but as far as wearing it with and evening gown or something i don't think it would look right.
  3. i wear mine with everything, including jeans and casual wear. :yes:
  4. I've been carrying my red east west these past few days because its so LIGHT and easy to carry. Im 9 mos pregnant and really can't carry any more weight at this point. The E/W has been FABULOUS for me. It carries my essentials without weighing me down. Its very versatile. Another nice thing is it doesnt feel like Im carrying a "pochette" or anything. It still looks like a GREAT BAG.
  5. i think it goes with both casual and elegant style ! wear it whenever you feel like it
  6. It can definitely work as a casual bag! I have some pics in the reference library (I think?) of my purple e/w being worn with jeans and a casual top, looks fine to me!
  7. I think it's the perfect shopping bag... very light so you can do a shopping marathon (which, personally, I think would be hard to impossible with the GST, or else I'm just a weakling!). It has room for the essentials and it's compact enough so that it's never in your way. I think it's a great daytime bag, especially in caviar just because it seems to me like a more casual material than say, lambskin.
  8. I think it looks great for evening and for day. Depends on what you're wearing for evening though. A clutch would be better for something glitzy.
  9. I think you can dress it up to be an evening bag and dress down for a casual day outing. It depends on your outfit and accessories. The E/W is versatile.
  10. i think the e/w is really versatile. you can wear it day or night. it just depends on how much stuff you carry with you.
  11. can anyone confirm if the e/w chain is detachable and can be used as a clutch? i read this in another forum....
  12. Only some of them are, I believe. Mine isn't (wish it were!).
  13. The chain isn't detachable, it's adjustable by detaching ONE end. I suppose you could detach that end and hide the rest of the chain inside the purse.
  14. You can dress the classic up or down. I wear mine with jeans, and casual wear, probably more than I do at night.