Is The Downtown Here To Stay?

  1. I can't decide if this style is an investment piece that will get years of use, or is very 2007/2008. I love the style and I love the patent ones, but am concerned about the "it bag" status that could make it outdated very quickly. What do you all think?
  2. I think it is here to stay. It really is a great bag and quite a few other designers have this style in their lines, but the YSL downtown will always be the best. I guess imitation is a form of flattery but the others can't compete with YSL. I bought one in violet and think it will be my favorite bag. I have my eye on that new green color for spring too.....
  3. If I'm not mistaken, the Downtown has been around for a couple of years. It seems like it's still going strong so I don't think there's any danger of it going out of style like many "it" bags. YSL has also made a Downtown luggage line, which never goes on sale according to my SA. I doubt they'll invest in producing such a pricey travel line if they expect it to become obscure quickly. If anything they will probably produce this bag in different reincarnations(skins, color, texture, sizes, minor variances in details) as the seasons and consumer/trend preferences evolve.
  4. The downtown is a fabulous bag. Very practical and functional. I alternate between my ivory buffalo skin downtown, LV Popincourt Haut and my Choco Chanel vintage ligne as my everyday bags. The main concern is that the edges of the bag may wear out first if you're not careful, i.e. bumping it into walls, car doors, etc. The leather is everyday leather imo, except during the rain bc the top is open. It's a gorgeous bag on any girl, the slouchiness is very chic.
  5. I think the downtown is here to stay. It has been around for a few years already and I think the staple colors (black, ivory) will definitely be a classic.

    I'm a little biased since I do own the medium downtown in both black and the ivory... :blush: But it's a great everyday bag and best of all it's really light for such a big bag.
  6. Definitely here to stay! I have a medium one in black buffalo leather and it's gorgeous! Versatile and the shape makes it one of the most unique bags I've come across.
  7. Downtown is timeless and a classic item. All YSL do every season is to change its clothes in different color and different leather. However, it's still DOWNTOWN. Downtown in black and chocolate brown still haver their places over time.