is the Downtown bag worth reconsidering?

  1. Many of us--me included--responded with a "YUCK" :yucky: when pics were first posted on tPF a while back of the new YSL Downtown bags. The shape is unusual--someone said it resembled a maxipad with wings, I think!

    Now I'm wondering if its worth giving this bag a second look. Has anybody seen it IRL? Is it growing on anybody? :s

    Here are more pics from and NM...
    YSL fashion show 2.jpg YSL fashion show 1.jpg Downtown NM black.jpg Downtown NM brown.jpg
  2. And more pics from LVR...
    Downtown black.jpg Downtown red.jpg Downtown silver.jpg Downtown gold.jpg Downtown dark purple.jpg
  3. seen 'em at the boutique but didn't hold them.. but then i looked at them in the look books and they looked really cool.. but i saw that the bottoms were sagging in some of the runway pics.. i think they may look a bit different when held. jury is still out on this one for me..
  4. YESYESYES..... i am dying for the downtown!!!

    in black deer!!!!!
    i used to hate the zippers in the front but that has really grown on me and the one i have my eye on does have them (there also is one without but i think the zippers are really cool now)......i am LOVING it.....ugh!!
    i cannot wait to try it on......but i know i won't be able to resist buying...:ninja: :love:

  5. ^^^Well, if you get one of these bags brian, please post pics so we can all see it on a real person! I think it comes in a medium and large size, and I'm curious to see how big it is, and whether the bottom really sags...
  6. I dont mind it.
  7. the bottom definitely does sag, but i don't hate it that much..... and i think the sag all depends on what material it is. on thicker ones like ostrich it isn't as bad.



  8. I think I need to see this IRL. For some reason YSL bags always look different on line to me.
  9. Not liking it too much. May change my mind once I see in IRL.
  10. Cosmo I'm telling you that bag looks like a tote bag that's been squished under your arm.
  11. ^^^lol
  12. .....still LOVING the downtown....

    i probably won't see one in person until july when i go to new york though :crybaby:
  13. ^ I think the heat is warping your brain.

    The YSL on 57th is pushing it like crazy, they're all scattered around, in the MENS RTW section for some reason. It's a severly fug bag.
  14. for me....not so much.
  15. I think tall girls will definitely pull it of..
    It looks nice on metallic and patent leathers.