Is the distressed patent delicate?

  1. After seeing all the beautiful crackled patent Jumbos several of the ladies have posted, I'm now thinking of buying one. I know nothing is as rugged as Caviar, but is the patent at all delicate?
  2. Not at all! I bumped mine a few times against various objects and not a scratch! Get it Tammy!;)
  3. That's good to know because I just ordered it! I couldn't stand it any longer!:yahoo:
  4. ^^^ Congrats on your purchase! I have this bag and love it. The Chanel SA said it would be very durable. The crackled patent resists scratches and fingerprints and if it gets dirty it can be sprayed with a patent spray and wiped clean. The only thing I would suggest is to specify that you want a more "crackled" finish on your bag. Mine is pretty smooth on the front and if you still have a choice, I'd go for the more crackly one.
  5. Congrats Tammy, which color did you get?
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I am SO happy for you, congrats! Please post pix ASAP. When will it arrive?
  7. Valerie, yours was one of the ones I saw that pushed me over the edge to buy it. I did specify that I wanted the "cracklier" of the two that she had. LOL!
  8. Thanks, Mon! I got the black. I guess I'm boring that way -- except when it comes to red!:P
  9. Thanks! I will post pics as soon as she arrives. It'll ship out tomorrow, so I should have it Thursday or Friday.
  10. I'm glad I could help motivate you to buy this beautiful bag. Also happy you were able to get the crackly one. I'm looking forward to seeing pics when it arrives!
  11. uh-o does that make 5 of us who purchased the black jumbo patent :shame:
  12. Yep, we've got a trend started!