Is the Dice Charm in stores?

  1. I really want the Dice Charm to go on my new Bleecker for my trip to Vegas.... are they in stores right now or will I have to order it?
  2. They should be in the stores now if they made it there. They're currently on the website. When I ordered mine the first week of september, there were only 45 left.
  3. If you are going to Vegas buy it there. The big store in Caesars has them! Thats where I got mine.
  4. Apparently they are sold out... I went to my boutique & they didn't have it. They checked online & said "nope can't order it". So I called Coach & they had none in JAX, said they should be back in stock on 11/10 (too late for Vegas:tdown: ) She did say that a few (very few) stores still have them... I'll try Caesars when I get there... it'll mean more to me if I get it there anyway!!
  5. I thought I saw some at the Legacy Boutique in NYC.
  6. it sounds cute i want one!!
  7. Hope you get it in Vegas.
  8. The dice are adorable!!!