Is the diamond stitch handbag still available in boutiques?TIA!

  1. I just saw one on eBay and fell in love. Is it still available in stores?
  2. Yes, Black and White
  3. I saw a small white one in Soho NYC Chanel boutique...
  4. Thank you both so much. I would like to call my boutique but I know she will need the number to look it up. Does anyone have one they can get the number from? Thanks.
  5. Nordstrom carries the large size in black and I think white too. Call my s/a Danny McGinley, 206-628-1443. If you get his voicemail the main store number is 206-628-2111... ask the operator for the Chanel handbag boutique.

    The large DS tote is $1995 and it's really not a huge bag at all. I have it in black and love it! If Danny doesn't have any in his store he can check the system and get one from another Nordstrom store.

  6. Roey,

    Thank you so much. I will call him. Just to be sure, is it this one Did I do that right?
    I am also wondering if I should just buy this one on ebay.
  7. It's the square Diamond Stitch tote. The ebay bag is called the Ultimate Soft. Check out our Reference Library in the Chanel Shopping forum under the thread "Post pictures of your Diamond Stitch!" to be sure we are talking about the same bag.

  8. It is the ultimate soft I am looking for. I was confused because on ebay they called it the diamond stitch. Do you know if the ultimate soft is still available?
  9. I've seen that medium bag in Saks, Neiman's AND Chanel Boutiques. It's the large black one that can't be ordered least through Saks. Call around, you should find it. The Saks in Tampa has one for sure. Ask for Lisa...she's my SA! (813) 371-5100.

    Retail is $1495 or $1595 for that bag? The large one went for $1795

  10. Thank you. I love this message board. Everyone is so helpful and nice!
  11. I was able to get one from my SA. She waived shipping to. It will be here in 2 days. Of course, it's my xmas present so I have to wait to use it!
    Thanks for all the help!:wlae: