is the Devon no longer in production?

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  1. Does anyone know if the Devon tote is no longer in production? I odviously have seen new production of the Westfield, however, I have not seen anything with the Devon.

    I want a Devon, does anyone know what outlet stores have them and what the price should be for an outlet Devon?
  2. yes.. they discontinued the production of devon.. i'm not sure the price at off 5th but usually at 33% off retail price.. NR had them for $299.. there's cheetah devon from a trusted ebay seller and fellow lambies on sale going on right now.. current bid is $150 but still 2 more days.. you could probably watch that one.. it's brand spanking new.. and there are also 2 other auction for around 370..
  3. Thanks, love.
    Do you know if recall anyone seeing any Devon's recently at NR?
  4. Any L.A.M.B. that gets to NR gets scooped up really quick, especially a devon. I have never seen one in a NR bc I'm not quick enough! Loehmann's has devons as well, although they sell them for $450. What print are you looking for?
  5. I am more interested in the classic saddle print.
    I have the westfield but it isn't large enough.
  6. ^ I bought my plain saddle and cheetah devon both at Loehmann's, and although I didn't get an amazing deal since both were $450 it was still great because I was having a hard time find a saddle devon with a magnetic clasp. They still had two three other ones the last time I went, although the plain saddle ones were the only kind of devon they had.

    I absolutely love my devons so definitely give Loehmann's a try if you have one near you!
  7. yea,
    all lamb bags at NR are pretty much gone.. there's one auction on ebay for the saddle one.. or you could try calling off 5th.. chance is small but you could give it a try.. :tup: