Is the Dentelle Speedy still available if I wasn't on the waitlist?

  1. I think I really like this bag! I was waitlisted for the patchwork speedy, but have never heard anything on it, and will opt out now that the price has doubled. But this dentelle has caught my eye! I am kicking myself I did not get on a list. I do not have an LV in my town, or any store that sells it, but I saw a dentelle for sale on e-bay and the seller was including the original Bloomingdales receipt. So can this bag still be found? Did it hit the dept. stores as well as the boutiques? Thanks for your help on this!
  2. We had heaps of Dentelle Speedies in stock today at the Castlereagh Sydney Store. I assume it will be readily available.

    Maybe try your 866 Vuitton Line and get them to hunt one down for you
  3. Thanks Kasumi-that is a good idea! I was under the impression they were very limited, but of course an e-bay seller who is trying to get $3000 for one is going to say that!!
  4. Call around..I saw one in the LV ARUBA waitlist
  5. yup, it's available for purchase, you just have to call around, good luck :flowers:
  6. how much was retail?
  7. Yes I know there are still some available! There were lots at the New Orleans boutique, maybe call 866 so they can find you one!
  8. Good Question, on the e-bay listing I saw, the Bloomingdales receipt said $1450 I believe. Could a true PF dentelle owner confirm?? Thanks!!
  9. Yea I agree. If you call 866, don't take "sorry, it's limited and waitlist only" as an answer.
  10. There were several at the Minneapolis on St. Paddys day. I saw A silver and gold BH and Speedy.
  11. I agree the New Orleans store had a lot of them
  12. There is plenty available.
  13. The Speedies are seasonal pieces, so they should still be readily available.

  14. auuuuuugh! I need to get there tomorrow!!!! Wonder what they will have that I haven't already seen?? :yahoo:

    I hope they still have them..I'm excited to finally see this bag IRL! lol..gotta go tell my guy we're going to LV tomorrow..gotta love that 2 hr drive!
  15. They had a lot of new stuff. Ivoire, montaigne, dentelle:graucho:, I died.