Is the Dentelle is flower pattern????

  1. :confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:

    i m wait list for Speedy Dentelle gold lace.. But not so sure.,, is it the flower pattern??
    Anybody see the bigger photo??? silver or gold better???

  2. I think it is yes.
  3. i choose b/w manhattan Pm / speedy dentelle
    manhattan mayb too heavy for me..

    any ideas???
  4. I like the Batignolles Horizontal Dentelle
  5. OK... good that the op opened this thread!

    I went to my local Lv boutique today and had a closer look at the Dentelle pictures in the preliminary lookbook. THE DENTELLE IS INDEED A FLOWER PATTERN EMBROIDED INTO THE MONOGRAM CANVAS.

    My sa told me it was inspired by Japanese flower drawings, and it reminds me a lot of Kenzo couture's creations.
  6. Thanks for the info Roth! I can't wait to see it IRL to decide if I want it or not.
  7. Thanks for the info .. I just want a cles from this range:heart:
  8. ^Me too! Unfortunately there was no pic of the cles in the preliminary lookbook... just a black/white pic of the Mono Canvas cles. I guess it's too early. On the other hand one can always waitlist and decide later on whether to buy or not to buy.
  9. I really like the speedy.
  10. which bag r being introduced in the dentelle line?
  11. in Oslo,,, will launch on 20 Feb
    i like speedy... but prefer 25.. but no have...

    30 never have it.. will try one from dentelle
  12. How durable do you think this line is going to be? I was wanting a wallet from it, but I am afraid it is too fragile?!?!
  13. gold is nice..

    it seem like graffiti,,, i still keep it and use it sometimes..
    i also want to ahve long wallet...

    Vote for gold!!
  14. I have been drooling over this for WEeks!
    And i wasn't even sure what the pattern was!
    I just kept hearing mono lace, so i assumed it was 'lace' patterned.
    tHnaks for the info ladies!
  15. I am on the waitlist for the Batignolles but that pouchette looks like it might be cute too. Does anyone know if this is silk-screened or an actual fabric on the bag!?!