Is the Denim Pleaty really being discontinued??

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  1. I read from another thread that the denim pleaty was to be discontinued.. can anyone else verify if this is true???? :push:
  2. I want to know too.
  3. I'm not sure..I knew the pink and green colors would be discontinued eventually but I didn't hear anything about the Pleaty itself being discontinued.
  4. Agh, I hope not too soon, I'm trying to save for the fuchsia one right now!
  5. ^Mini Pleaty is not discontinued too is it?
    Regular blue Denim Pleaty is still on my wishlist...
  6. i didn't hear about the mini pleaty.. in the thread it just said "pleaty"
  7. Sorry, I misread. "Denim" sorta looks like "Mini"? :roflmfao:
  8. that was my thread, it was in my stores lookbook it showed the denim bags and had a line through the pleaty (but not mini pleaty) & sac a dos (smallest size) & discountined written beside it. it didn't state a date for this to happen. The fuschia & green where only seasonal for last summer there won't be any more made and only available while stocks last
  9. :crybaby: I sure hope the Mini Pleaty will not be discontinued! I love the blue one... and thanks to tPF.. I now like the Fuchsia one too!