Is the Denim Cles coming out soon???

  1. I didn't like the Denim line too much before, but the Baggy GM in Fuschia is growing on me now. I really really really want something in this color, so I remember someone had mentioned the Denim Cles would be out, wouldn't it?

    Will LV still produce some Denim line in Fuschia or the color is totally discontinued now? Since the Baggy is too pricey for me now, I really want to get a Denim Cles in Fuschia, but is it possible?:sad:
  2. The cles will be available only in blue.
  3. I hope it comes out soon.
  4. i cant wait to see what it looks like :drool:................does anybody know how much it retails for?
  5. I hope it has standard-sized LV monograms, not small ones like the Mono Mini or Mini Lin.
  6. i want one! eeeek!
    but i need to concentrate on bigger bags...
  7. I don't have anything from denim line so I'd love to get a cles. I wonder what it looks like.
  8. The fuchsia denim is definitely gone, I just checked with my SA over the weekend and she confirmed it. It's a seasonal color, and yes Lovepurse007, I was also looking for the Baggy GM :sad:
  9. i love the denim line, I have the pink speedy and love it. if the Cles comes out in pink I will get if for sure.
  10. Are you sure that no stores have this bag in fuschia anymore? I would make some calls because there areprobably a few still around.
  11. A cles sounds nice!

    Do you think they will ever come out with other denim colors seasonally, to replace fuchsia and lichen? It would be nice to have other choices besides the usual blue denim...
  12. What color do you prefer?
    I think orange, purple, or darker red.:love:
  13. OMG a denim cles would be so freaking hot!!!
  14. I don't have anything in the denim line and would LOVE to get the cles since the baggy PM/GM is too pricey for me at this moment.

    Does anyone know when it would be release?
  15. I will def be getting a cles- hopefully I can get my mini pleaty too!