Is the Damier Graphite Briefcase Limited Edition?

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  1. I got my Graphite Briefcase about 2 months ago. The SA said it was LE, but goignt throughout the forum I have found about 4 others.

    and it's for sale at UK ... so not LE at all?

  2. I'm not quite sure, but for what I have read here:

    LE: Produced in certain amounts for a short period of time and the stock will not be renewed...
    Seasonal: Produced in certain amounts for a pre established period of time (3 or 4 months) and if demand is high more items will be produced during that period of time.

    Graphite Briefcase is limited, but at least a couple of those got to all major stores in the world... so they're not as few as they make you think, but once they're gone, they're gone...

    You still can find A LOT of LE and Seasonal bags in USA
  3. The briefcase is a Limited Edition, like the Damier Graphite Alzer.
  4. graphite alzer :drool:
  5. its a Limited Editon Runway bag. just not selling as quickly as other LE bags.
  6. The graphite damier breifcase is TDF.
    The only reason it is not selling as per other LE is because the world economy is in the toilet! This will not last forever.

    I would love a hardcase briefcase however - my present job is month to month and i don't really have much spare $

    I would not worry - it is a beautiful item - tdf!
  7. I was told the same thing Oskar. I purchased my presidente in graphite the week it was released a few weeks from now last year! Was it August 15th? I purchased mine from Rodeo Drive and it was 1 of 2 in store.

    I still love it regardless whether it is LE or not but still, kinda makes ya wonder if their definition of LE is the same as what I would call LE?

    I still think it is an exclusive piece due to the price of course. I do get stares and if anyone asks me about it, all people suspected I was carrying diamonds? LOL!