Is the Damier Azur too hard to keep clean?

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  1. My Europe trip is coming up and I'm still planning on getting my Speedy 25. I'm leaning towards the Damier instead of the Mono and really like the Azur. Is it tough to keep clean? If so I could always go with the Ebony.

    Does the leather patina on the Azur like it does on the Mono?
  2. Yes, the leather will patina like the handles used on the mono. Same leather.
    The canvas of Azur is not difficult to keep clean. If you get something like dirt on it, just wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth or papertowel. It's very easy to maintain. Of course, there are things that cannot be removed like pen, marker, etc.
  3. I am not sure if it's easy to clean. I got the speedy 25 but I only used her once :sweatdrop:
  4. yes it is hard to keep clean..there is are certain products from coach that can help you maintain the color. although i think it turns patina later i guess the best buy would be the damier speedy 30 instead. mine is low maintenance..
  5. it is sooooooo easy to maintain. I have azur speedy 30 and no problems...
  6. I have the brand new Azur and at first it's a bit though as you see them spanking new, but you get used to it. Canvas is no problem, leather is a bit tough, it's quite dirty on mine. How do you guys clean it then?
  7. I might like to buy myself a Speedy Damier Azur in spring/summer.

    I am not sure if I recall it right - did someone say, azur is not so easy to handly as Mono?
    special maintenance?

    I would like to have a bag as easy as the Mono (but not Ebene, I like the Azur)
  8. I love my Azur and I think it is easy to maintain, just watch where you set it down at!!
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  10. i own a speedy 25 azur but i havent used it yet. maybe you should look out for color transfer. after all its white. :yes:
  11. Azur is very light colour. I wonder how it looks after years?
  12. Great if you take care of it! I have an Azur Speedy it in June and have only used it 3 I feel like mine will remain in good condition...and I only wore so few times not because I am babying it but because I have other bags that need love since it is a will always be in style so IMO it is ok if I can't get to it right now. KWIM?
  13. never had any problems with any of my azur bags
  14. I have used mine for one month (every day), and so far no problems :smile:
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