Is the Damier Azur Saleya a Year-Round Bag?

  1. I was thinking of this as a tote for work, but one of my fellow LV-loving friends said that the damier azur would look really out of place during the winter (I'm in Boston, so our winters are looooong). Personally I thought it would be a nice complement to winter-white (I also wear quite a bit of gray and black so I thought the azur would look fresh against my clothes). Then again, I don't want to be the person wearing seasonally inappropriate clothes without realizing it. Thoughts?
  2. I think it´s perfect for winter! More of a winter bag than summer bag imo.
  3. I think this bag is perfect for winter as well. Everything you said you would wear it with, it will totally go with. It is not a white bag but more cream. I think this bag is going to look great in the winter and spring. i'm wearing mine now with a camel colored jacket and they look great together! Also the bag looks good with jeans!

  4. Ohh could you post a pic of yourself carrying it? I love to see it!
  5. I'm in NE too Chiclawyer, but several hours north of you and I'd originally thought it was best for summer when I first saw the Azur line, but the more I see it, I tend to think it will be a perfect winter white. In fact, someone (I forget who) bought the pochette accessories in Azur and she wore it with 3 outfits and posted them I think in the "club" section. In one picture she is wearing it with a red trench coat and OMG, it looks absolutely STUNNING and is clearly a fantastic winter white! I think Azur will be a nice versatile line that will carry through both winter and summer weather! I say base it upon how it looks with a particular outfit. If it doesn't feel quite right with an outfit, then trust your gut...if it looks fantastic with whatever you're wearing, then trust your instincts.

    Edited to add:
    Here's the post I was referring to. In 2 of the images she is clearly dressed how you might dress in the northeast this time of year and her Azur pochette looks stunning. I hope this link works:
  6. I'd reckon that the azur is pretty much an all-seasons line and not limited to spring/'s not a solid white/cream and the blue/grey/violet/charcoal helps to break up the monotony of the wintery white...
  7. I've been using the Azur speedy everyday since I got it and it's snowing here, I think it looks great!
  8. all season for sure
  9. I'm at my BF's office right now, I will ask him if he can take a photo of me and post it in the The Amazing Azur Club. I would do it now w/my phone but I do not get phone service up here to send it to my email:hysteric:
  10. yes, i think it's all season :yes:
  11. i'm 20 min. south of boston- i think of it as a summer bag. HOWEVER, when paired with certain outfits- winter whites, as other tpfers mentioned (for ex.), i think it would look really nice.
  12. I think it would be awesome for winter, and even summer.. If I had it, I would probably wear it all year long with the right outfits and everything. Overall, its a very cute bag!!
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