Is the Damier Azur a permanent line?

  1. I really love the damier azur and want a speedy 30 in it but have bought so many bags really I just can't justify it. I won't buy one on eBay buit I have looked and they are going for more than retail, is that because it is going to be discontinued? If so I will buy one now!;)
  2. Yes, Damier Azur is a permanent line.

    The reason why they are so high on eBay at the moment is because they came out not too long ago and are in demand. eLux is always running out, but they pop up every now and then. ;)
  3. Azur is a permanent line- I :love: Azur~~~ the Speedy 30 is perfection :love:

    In due time you'll get one- perhaps Azur is slowing being released in England....?
  4. Speedy 30 on Elux right now...

  5. Really more than retail? All the ones I have seen (sell) are for less... Like in the $400-500's.
  6. It is a great line.
  7. There is alot of Azur in the UK boutiques right now i think..
    I wish Elux sent to England though...
  8. Perm and plenty worldwide now that the newer things are here...
  9. Thanks!