Is the Cupid the bag for me - help?

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  1. I travel for a living and always carry a backpack. I am looking for an in hand satchel that I could put cross body in the airport. I want something that is not huge but should be big enough to fit my iPad.
  2. ipad will fit in a cupid, but anything bigger (e.g., laptop or macbook 13.3") will not.
  3. Yes, a Cupid will fit your iPad. Anything bigger than that is a no-go.
  4. I don't know how big or small you were wanting but the MAC Daddy is a smaller choice vs a full blown satchel and has a pocket for an iPad. The MAMs or MABs are also an option just be sure that they include the crossbody strap because they didn't always come with them
  5. Cupid sounds good!
    It can fit iPad in with no problem.
    I own two (black and kiwi), both are very comfortable to carry in hand, on shoulder or cross-body.
    My only (and very small) complaint is its opening width - Cupid's opening is approx. 13" compare to 17" of MABs - I found myself getting little frustrated sometimes with my Cupids wishing I could open it little bit more... it maybe just because I am so used to carrying MABs though.
  6. I bought the Cupid in the new bright blue color. I think I am going to love this baby.
  7. You'll have to post pictures!!
  8. i carried the cupid for the first time yesterday on a shopping trip with a friend. i was amazed at how lightweight it was and i carried it with the shoulder strap doubled when i was in shopping mode. it really turned out to be a great bag. lots of pockets and lots of space. my only complaint is that the new ones apparently don't come with a tassel, a fact which i found out recently when i ordered a new one online. nevertheless, i found it to be a really nice bag to carry. hope this helps!
  9. Ok so you answered my question about why some have the tassel and others don't. Now I know. I just got my first RM MAM and am worried that the Cupid would be too heavy but I guess not.