Is the Cucciolo just too big?

  1. I have a Campeggio that I use as a diaper bag and I love it! It is the PERFECT size. If I love the Campeggio will the Cucciolo be just way too big? TIA!!!! :wlae:
  2. I doubt it will be too big. I have a cucciolo here and I know the dims aren't that different from the campeggio. It's a little longer instead of taller. IMO it's easier to get into the cucciolo b/c it's not as deep as the campeggio. ;) The campeggio is too deep for me.
  3. Depends on what you're using it for. Even though the cucciolo is a diaper bag, I use it for my laptops since there's no way a campeggio would be able to fit them. If the campeggio is your perfect diaper bag size though, I'd say stick with that :smile:
  4. I use both my campeggio's and cucciolo's as diaper bags. Which bag I use depends on the situation ... when I go out with my two boys, it's usually the cucciolo, if I only have my youngest, I take the campeggio. The bag I choose depends on what my needs are at the time.

    (That's my excuse for buying so many tokidoki bags! I need a bag for every situation. ;))
  5. I have a Lamore Cucciolo that I use for 1-2 day trips. It's larger than Campeggio but not THAT much larger that it would be cumbersome. At least imo.:shrugs:
  6. i love the size of the campeggio.. my only hitch is that it's just a bit too narrow.. i think the cucciolo is a bit too big. it's always one extreme or the other. i like the shape of the andiamo though. i think that one would feel a bit less diaper-bag ish to me if i could get my hands on one ;)
  7. I'm always amazed at the preference for teeny-tiny bags by most on this board. I could never fit all the crap I have to carry to work every day in anything smaller than a Cucciolo or, maybe, a Campeggio.

    I just got my Cucciolo Notte (thank you to whoever posted the 30% Daily Candy discount code!) and it's in the Scotchguarding process. I can't wait to start using it. It's going to be *so* much lighter than the Coach totes I usually carry, and I love the outside pockets - perfect for cell, iPod, keys, sunglasses and credit cards - the things I reach for most.
  8. how's the interior? i've seen some pretty cute notte items and that does seem very appropriate for work :biggrin:

    i like the look of my bambino, but not so much the feel of wearing it. dolces and bellas are fine to me also, but i hate the feeling that i might be overstuffing it, even if i'm not. i suppose zuccas are just right for me :p
  9. The interior is nice and roomy, but not so wide that you would lose stuff in the bottom.

    I have the bag turned completely inside out right now because I'm scotchguarding the interior, and it's almost making me want to search for a Cucciolo Citta.
  10. Am looking for a travel bag, and found my way in here!

    *waves hello*

    Am very interested in the Cucciolo (very new terms!), and was wondering if anyone would have some form of comparison with the Cucciolo and a Balenciaga Work? In terms of size, and how much one can fit in there...

    Any help would be much appreciated! :flowers:

    *off to check out all the many many, many prints!! *
  11. has some pics of the Cucciolo, so if this is the Balenciaga Work (or if I found something completely wrong, I'm not sure) it looks a lot bigger, I think. I hope this helps. I don't know much about Balenciaga.