Is the Cotton Club pochette worth it?

  1. I'm thinking about getting this bag for my mother for Mother's Day since she needs a small bag. My question a pochette worth $795? She doesn't carry a ton of stuff and I plan on borrowing it from time to time too;) .

    Will the leather last awhile you think? Any pros/cons?
  2. Hi! :smile: I don't have the pochette, but I own the bronze CC tote... I think the leather is very durable, because it's a thick, aged calfskin. I think $795 is a good price for the pochette, considering the E/W (though beautiful!) probably doesn't fit much more and is something like $1325 now. I'm sure it can easily fit a cell phone, small makeup items, and a compact wallet... very cute IMO! I'm sure she would love it - what a sweet gift! :heart: What color are you leaning towards?
  3. Thx for your input!

    She's more of a subtle classic woman so probably just the black. I figure if she wants a different color, she can just exchange it but black is a safe bet.
  4. i think it's definitely worth it considering it fits a bit and might be the cheapest leather bag right now?
  5. i think its so cute, its a shame we didn't get that model in Canada.
  6. ^^Really? I wonder why that is? thought Canada still had the same inventory as the US. That stinks.:crybaby:
  7. I have the Cambon Pochette which as I understand is the same size and I really love it. I couldn't use it as a full time purse but I do love it for going out!
  8. ^^That's good to know, thanks! My mother is a real minimalistic woman so all she brings with her is l/s, compact, small wallet and that's about it. Maybe I should take after her so I can downsize and streamline my life :smile:!!
  9. I think its totally worth it!!! Its a way gorgeous bag! Subtle but stunning and not big at all. I like it a lot.
  10. Does anyone have a pic of it?
  11. Hi there,

    I actually wound up getting it for my mother. I'll try to post some pics of it later. It's sleeping right now.;)

    I know there are some other pics floating around from ReRe and Diorwhore I think?
  12. ^ The Cotton Club pouchette is worth it. =)
    Hope your mom will love it.
  13. Thanks! I'm sure she will too! I loved the feel of the leather when I bought it. It feels so sturdy!
  14. we have the pouchette in Canada!! But there is only 3 inventory!! I was going to get one ...but I got the tote instead!!
  15. cute bag and a great gift for mom!