Is the colour too crazy for men?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I got this for my hubby, is the colour too crazy for men?
  2. oh... it is a key wallet... (whatever it's called??!!)
  3. Not at all, a little splash of color is always tasteful and eye catching(in a good way)
  4. My husband loves orange; I got him an orange cashmere scarf years ago and he wears it a lot. Besides, orange works well with brown and a key holder isn't something that is very visible...
  5. I think any colour works on a guy as long as the amount of it is not too much.
  6. oh, good!

    I was worried that the colour is too bright!
  7. I like it--nice change from the colors men usually carry--black or dark brown.
  8. The orange is beautiful.
  9. Cute! :yes:
  10. I know...

    hubby usually get black or brown or blue... so boring
  11. nice pop of color and definitely not too much.
  12. love this tangerine colour, I'd love one!! definitely a nice cheer up and not loud at all imo.
  13. yah.. thats too bright,.
    hmm but nice to see this one... i like it..
  14. I like it but I don't think my husband would find it as attractive.
  15. ^^^ ita!