Is the Color Gold Darkest in Clemence?

  1. I'm curious as to which non-exotic leather Gold appears darkest in. Thanks for any responses!
  2. My guess is chevre de coromandel ?????
  3. Courtesy of hermeslady:

    This is gold chevre. Looks even lighter to me...


    Let me find a gold clemence now.
  4. Gold in chevre is not dark at all and it's very hard to find. Most of the time, what people call gold chevre is actually caramel. The darkest gold I've seen is on Clemence. It's just gorgeous!
  5. Here's gold clemence - courtesy of CDL (eBay):

  6. Thank you, GT!
  7. OMG! Thanks so much you guys! I LOVE it in Clemence, LOVE!!!
  8. I love the gold in clemence in these pictures. I have a gold in togo with PH. How much different is the color. I would love to get a gold birkin in clemence with GH if anyone sees one around. Then what to do with my gold togo. Are they different enough. thanks
  9. It is amazing how gold varies from leather to leather. In any leather it is such a fabulous go-with-everything color.

    Loren-I'd probably sell my Togo if you got a gold in Clemence. Then you could purchase another bag in a color you also wanted.
  10. Here are some pics from luxwear.

    gold - clemence
    gold - togo

    gold - swift
  11. Here's gold in vache liegee:


    I saw a Picotin in gold Clemence, it was a beautiful tan colour, much darker than VL gold.
  12. ^^Such a pretty Kelly allaboutnice!
  13. This is just my opinion, but it's based on my examination of all of them side-by-side to try to figure out the same question you asked......

    Darkest to lightest:

    Vache Liegee

    Didn't compare Gold in Box, Chamonix, etc. since they weren't available to ogle:smile:
  14. What about gold in Epsom? I think it's pretty dark too?
  15. All I know is that I am in love with Gold in togo and swift! seriously, I am going to just croak if I don't get one soon!