Is the Coach Signature Multi Stripe tote still around?

  1. The one with the white handles and pink lining? TIA!
  2. I saw a couple yesterday at my local Nordstroms on clearance.
  3. AFAIK, you can still order them through the 800 number! :yes:
  4. Thanks ladies!
  5. Last Fri. I was told by the SA that there were only 7 available in the country to order of the large tote. Good luck!
  6. I saw one at Macy's a few days ago.
  7. I bought one at my local Dillard's today!
  8. I love that purse!! Does anyone know the style number on the wristlet and skinnny or is it even still avaible??
  9. Could somebody post pics. I can't remember which bag this is?? Thanks
  10. [​IMG]It looks like this...
  11. There were some on Saturday at the Nordies in Glendale, CA on the sale table (along with accordian wallets, swingpacks, minis and a few other items. and I think someone else just go one at an outlet in Vegas.
  12. Oh yes! I was just drawing a blank!:confused1: I like this bag and I think it's going to be one of those that I'm sorry I didn't get.:sad: The Macys near me still has them, but not on sale yet.
  13. Or this this one. A little bit different, white handle and trim with hot pink lining. My signature multistripe shoulder tote:smile:
    Ebay Pics 030.jpg
  14. I just got it off of eBay....I'm excited! It seems like no one likes it and it's on clearance everywhere...I checked my local Nordstrom's and they didn't have it. Thanks for the info ladies!