Is the cles or wapity more useful?

  1. If you could only have one or the other would you rather have the cles or wapity? Which one is more versatile and why? :flowers: TIA.

    Forgot to ask, if it is a cles does the line you get make a difference, in terms of how useful the cles is. I am thinking between a perle or noisette vernis or the monogram canvas but I wonder of the stiffness of the vernis would make the cles more of a hassle to get things in and out of and make it less versatile.
  2. i have the Wapity, so i'm partial to that :lol:. you can fit a whole lot more in the Wapity; i can put my phone, lip gloss, money, cards and change in there
  3. They are just really different items. It depends what you want to use it for. I use my cles for my keys, credit cards and my licence and my wappity for my digi cam.
  4. I would choose a Wapity. It would fit a bit more stuff than a Cles. ;)
  5. Like Sandra said wapity has more room than cles..I think you can always attach the keys near wapity strap..
    white MC wapity is the cutest thing!
  6. I prefer the cles. I clip it to my belt loop and stick it in my pocket. Of course, I'm a boy, so all I really need is my ID, Visa, a little cash, and a house key. A Wapity would actually (gasp) be too big for me.
  7. Wapity!
  8. although i do want a wapity (and i think guys like myself can certainly pull it off) i agree with exactly what it goes there said, the cles to me is mre useful! And the line makes a HUGE difference in the cles abilityies (and care) i.e. a vernis ones is more fragile and high maintainance that the mono and correct me if im wrong but a vernis cles is the cles witht the least amount of room, i think only 2-3 cards and a key can fit if your lucky or folded cash, followed by suhali then epi, and the canvas fabrics. compare that to the perfo cles (which i have) although it is much bigger than a regular cles it fits a whopping 20 ccs! or my phone 3-5cc's and some folded cash!
  9. I have a mono wapity and I have only used it once :crybaby: I think I will probably sell it soon (though it breaks my heart) and get a perfo cles instead. Just the fact that it serves as a keyring as well as a small zip-pouch is super appealing. I'm gonna go have a look at some cleses tomorrow at the LV in SF, I may get the damier instead, we'll see.
  10. If you normally don't carry around a lot of things with you, probably a few cards, your keys, and some spare change then I'll say that the cles works better for you. If you have more items to put in like lip gloss, ipod, and etc.. then go with the wapity.
  11. Yeah it depends..if you're going to use it like a clutch or put larger things in it, go for the Wapity..but if you just need room for spare change or a few CC's, then go for the Cles.
    And honestly, I don't think it matters which line you get the Cles from. A lot of times, it's a good way to get something from a certain line you like, if you can't get anything else.
  12. i do have both. cles for coins and bills only... sometimes credit cards only. just got the mc (white) wapity and its so CUTE!!!! and yes bigger with a strap! wapity.
  13. Wow! I had no idea! 20ccs? :P

    Thanks for the help everyone~! Everyones been so helpful its great to get new ideas on the pros and cons and other things to consider. :flowers:
  14. BTW in case i didnt make it clear i was refering to the perfo cless for the 20 cc's not the regular mono cles, in never seen one in person but i htink someone said 7-10 ccs could fit
  15. would like to own a wapity too! wapity is niceeeee!