Is the classic flap with new chain more expensive than with old chain?

  1. Is the classic flap (with CC clasp) with new chain (i.e. without the leather running through it) more expensive than with old chain? Also, is it a seasonal design or does it run all year round?
  2. same price, and it's seasonal.
  3. Thanks,spylove. Do you think they will have any of those this coming season?
  4. I know that the M/L caviar should be 1995$ but my NM sell them for 2150$. They said the new chain are price higher. Which don't make sense since they're m/l lambskin and jumbo caviar and lambskin are price the same for new chain as the old chain :shrugs:. My SA's couldn't give me an explanation for that.
  5. You're welcome, I have no idea if they will continue it. Chanel 1-800 told me they are limited edition.
  6. I know! Tell me about it. NM has systematically set their medium/large caviar w/ new chain flaps at a higher price to begin with -- $2,150, which ironically is the same as the price in their system for the medium/large *lambskin* flap w/ new chain. Doesn't make any sense to me, and doesn't make much sense either to the SA's I spoke with, but even Lisa Hamlin @ NM Troy MI said she can't do anything about it & that's how NM buyers/their company priced it.
  7. I was so annoyed when I compared the two at NM and saw different prices.....ridiculous.