Is the classic flap really that classic?

  1. I'm a Chanel virgin but i start to like the 2.55. Its a classic style but i still feel it's a bit trendy and it's very popular now because a few years back i was like...thats a grandma bag.
  2. I think it is classic. I have seen photos posted by forum members of flaps that were given to them by their mom or an aunt, and I usually can't tell the difference between those bags and the ones that I have. I really like that about the flap, the style is really timeless.
  3. I think in general Chanel is a classic and timeless line. I love the majority of the bags. Bags that have been around since the 50's is definitely timeless.
  4. It's definitely a classic and will never lose its value.
  5. It's early and I'm on the first coffee. When I read the question, my brain flashed -- "Is the Pope Catholic?"
  6. Chanel flag is my favorate. Especially it's always around so I love it even more. It doesn't like some other bags which can be out-dated in one season. IMO, Chanel flag is a classic for sure. The name "Chanel" comes up in my mind whenever I see chain strap bags.
  7. honestly, I think it's a grandma bag. It's so dated.
  8. Even if it is trendy just for now, think of how you'll get to rock it for another 20 years further down the road then :smile:
  9. The classic flap is sooooooooooo classic and chic! :yes:

    And it's only a grandma bag if you wear grandma clothes with it...LOL... :lol:
  10. i think its a classic, for sure, since it represents the chanel prototypical bag...but its not for everyone, including myself...maybe in ten years or so i'll feel differently, but for now i think its a grandma bag and would look ridiculous on me. but its a beautiful bag and i love seeing it on the tpf ladies!!
  11. The Ashley twins are the epitome of the grandma look as is Mischa Barton. I love it!! (I was carrying my classic when I was 30 and if I could have afforded one when I was in my 20s, I would have not hesitated. You're never too old (only too dead).
  12. I have the same thoughts as you, Sabine. I used to think that Chanel bags are for old ladies. However, I don't think this anymore after seeing so many young celebrities carrying a Chanel bag. Therefore, I bought a classic lambskin flap, LOL. :smile:
  13. The 2.55 is like a Chanel suit or a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. Sure your grandma has one (okay, maybe your mother has a DVF, but not granny), but so do a lot of young, 20-something girls.

    I think the very fact that it was popular in our grandmothers' day marks it as a classic... but not as an old lady bag.
  14. I think that the chanel bags look so great on stars like micha Barton, it shows that every age can wear this beautyfull bag!
  15. Well said! :yes: