Is the Classic Black Box Calf Sellier Kelly GHW Matronly?

  1. We're in the midst of a Nor'Easter (major, major rain storm) and here I am playing in my Hermes closet. There are lots of variations of Black Kellys, depending on leathers, exotics, soft versus rigide, hardware and, of course, size.

    With all these variations, has the Classic Black Box Sellier Kelly GHW become matronly or is it still at the top of heap as the quintessential Hermes bag?
  2. ^^ Oh, my. Only if "matronly" is synonymous with "ultimate class".....

    And I, too, am in the middle of a rare April nor'easter......<sigh> I thought these were winter storms......need sun....need flowers.....
  3. My basement is flooded, my yard looks like a raging river and yes, I too am thinking about Hermes! I adore black box leather with gold h/w. Hermes has yet to inent a more classic combo.
  4. I don't think so...although I prefer Palladium just because I own no yellow gold anything anymore...

    It's definitely a wardrobe staple...

    and yes...part of my ceiling is caving in....lovely....

  5. OMG, S, I'm sorry to hear about the flooding. I'm on the Connecticut coast and the worst is yet to come. High tide is around 10:30 PM. Fortunately, my home is up high and out of harm's way, but my neighbors at lower elevations are very concerned.

    I know this is THE classic bag, and yet I still wonder if it doesn't have the same effect as letting one's hair go grey. Is it as youthful as a Black Chevre Sellier PH, for example?
  6. Matronly..NO, just a classic.
  7. Hello Nor'Easter neighbors!! We've only just begun - had snow all afternoon - now rain and the winds are yet to come - yippee!! Isn't it delightful??!! As long as a big plane flies me somewhere very warm Thursday I'll get though - thankfully we also live high and dry but in a coastal town where much damage may happen - it's scary...Millstream I'm from CT and have most relatives still there!

    Back to topic - I think the bags are what you make them...I can see older women with them and younger ones as well - I think depending on how you dress it could look dressy or casual -- so I guess it's all what you do with it IMO! I did have a 28 but sold it only due to the fact that it was smaller than I like and I hardly used it...wasn't earning it's keep - I do better with the 32's...
  8. I hope it's not matronly because that's what I have! Seriously, I agree with those who say it is "classic." Yes. Classic.
  9. I cannot think of anything more chic, classic, stunning, timeless, and which defies age more than the black box sellier kelly. Seriously, it makes any outfit instantly hot!
  10. Millstream, I don't think it's matronly...but if you compare it to a black sellier kelly with PH, the PH one is going to project a more youthful look, if that's what you're aiming for. I love both, but I wear them for different effects.

    I have been wonderingg lately about Hermes's marketing influences. About a year ago I heard someone say if you want a black box Kelly with GH, they're a dime a dozen. Now that I'm hearing black box is in short supply for 2007, everybody wants one (including me) and they're desirable and classic. I wonder - is this a ploy to get us riled up?
  11. I have a lake in my yard and it hasn't let up since last night.

    I usually do not go for GH, but exceptions must be made for black box kellies, and let's not forget black croc kellies. :graucho:
  12. oh yeah! i love me some black croc kelly! :smile:

    i don't think the classic combo is matronly. i've tried on some 32 cm retourne nonbox kelly bags and i feel they are a tad grandma on me...i suppose 28 is a better size for me.

    but it's a TRUE classic!!! :smile:
  13. Tods -- I've got those two Black Sellier Kellys GHW (Box Calf and Porosus Croc). All of my Hermes bags are classics (Black and Gold Birkins, Black Lizard Constance and Black Doblis Mini Kelly, all with GH). Maybe what I'm feeling is the need for something that's a bit more fun. Like a Chartreuse Mou Constance PHW.
  14. classic. timeless. ageless.

  15. I don't have a sellier black box Kelly GH because I prefer retourne, but I don't think the sellier could ever be considered matronly in and of itself. It is only matronly if the rest of the presentation is matronly.
    IMO black box Kellys are just so beautiful and classic and can be worn in any way, dressed up or down, day or night. I used my retourne 28 with everything, from dresses to jeans with polos and flats, and I have never felt matronly, ever. The only thing I never tried was to wear it with short shorts.