Is the CL section in your town getting busier?

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  1. Hi,
    I wanted to know if any of you have noticed a larger amount of traffic around CL Sections, CL department stores and CL boutiques the past few months??

    I tend to pop into Selfridges in London and have a nosy around, lately I have hardly been able to nosy in peace, the CL section was packed solid!!!:nuts:

    So many people gathered around CL and the other shoe sections empty....
    Has anyone else noticed this???
  2. Not me.. seems like business as usual at my local NM (only place that sells CLs in my area).
  3. I wish I had a CL section by me....
  4. I noticed the boutiques are more crowded, but I think its because of all of the new fall stuff that's just come in.
  5. I didn't really notice in Houston or in Austin. There were crowds by the sale racks at both NM and Saks in Houston, and I was the only one in the shoe department at NM in Austin last time I was at either city.
  6. Nothing out of the ordinary at my local NM, Barneys, or Nordstroms. Our Saks don't carry CL's
  7. In New York, I've noticed it steadily gaining momentum since I started to shop them. But not because I started shopping them :P
  8. Thanks for replying ladies!!! It seems its London where its getting busy busy!!
  9. Me 2! :shucks:
  10. ^^ But believe it or not, anyone living in the USA has it better. 1. wider range 2. A sale is a real sale unlike in the UK when it is usually 30% off and low amount of sizes left 3. You have a USA bank account and address meaning that you can easily charge and ship with a simple phone call!!Lol!!
  11. The closest store near me carrying CLs is 8 hours away. I have noticed that people are noticing CLs more in my small town though. I get a lot of "hey, those are those red soled shoes....they are the ones that you see on the red carpet"....for a town as small as mine, it is fairly amusing.
  12. Not even a CL section in my state!:Push:
  13. Has nothing to do with what we're talking about, but thought I'd share. Where I work (where it's pretty conservative), a OLD male security guard a few wks ago pulled me aside and said I don't know what those shoes are but those are some smokin hot shoes...he calls me "Red" now. He even pointed out that he likes the Tortoise Decolletes and the Nude VP's the best..:roflmfao: He's got the other security guards calling me "Red"...funny, but so embarrasing because everyone asks me why he calls me Red.
  14. It's hard enough finding a CL here, much less a 'section'. :shrugs:
  15. Cute story! Sounds like he has good taste!;)