Is the City just a larger version of the First?

  1. Please forgive the naive questions - I'm new to b-bags. I went in wanting a First and walked out with a Twiggy. I love the Twiggy but I'm still obsessing over the shape of the First. My problem is that I thought the First might be a tad small. But I'm not sure if I thought the First was too small because I looked at the Twiggy at the same time ... and the two bags are so different size wise. Help!!!
  2. I think the city is a larger version of the motorcycle bag, but if you want something more similar to a first, I think the purse has more of the same curvier shape. The city is really cute too though! I'm sure you'll love either one!
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  4. Yeah, I'd say the Purse is more like a bigger version of the First. The City has a wider bottom so it will sit up on its own, whereas the Purse won't. It also has more squared corners so it looks more rectangular. The First is too small for me personally for day to day, but great for a night time bag or when you just want to carry something small.
  5. Somehow, to me, it also seems that if you want to use the shoulder strap, the shoulder strap on the city is more useful.