Is the City is too large on petite girls?

  1. Especially if you're like me....only 5 ft. 4 in. WITH 4 inch heels on?! :cry: I have the it.... but wonder if I could carry the City without looking silly? Be honest!!
  2. NO!!!!!!!!! I think it would look great on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. zac....then hand over that Caramel!!! LOL!!!

    addy...thanks for the link. I can't believe I missed that earlier! I read the Twiggy is wider than the City? Is that right?
  4. I should send mine to you so you can see the size!!!!!!!!!! Umm...but you would need to mail it back ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: (otherwise I'd have to fly down there and knock you out!:noggin:
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. I think the city would look great on you. :yes: You wouldn't look silly, just chic!
  7. no way... i'm 5'4" and it's a great size on me... i even carry a weekender too.
  8. I am 5' 1'' and I carry a work... you'll be fine
  9. Not at all. The City isn't that big. The weekender is HUGE. I can't see myself carrying that one for sure. The work is too big for me too. The City is perfect. :yes:
  10. I agree with everyone else!:yes:
    I think the City looks great on everyone!
  11. Yup, the Twiggy is wider than the City.
  12. I'm very small boned, 5'2, and 125 pounds. I love my city :P
  13. it would look great. I'm 5-4 and the city was perfect!
  14. I'm 5'3" and the city is a great size..